The Fort Lauderdale Diving Team is the premiere springboard and platform diving team in Florida. We have a competitive dive team and offer private and group lessons. In short, if you are looking for anything to do with diving, you’ve come to the right place!

The Ft. Lauderdale Diving Team is a member of USA Diving, the national governing body for the United States Olympic Committee for the sport of diving. Our mission is to teach the sport of diving while allowing individuals the opportunity to reach their goal, in a fun and safe environment.

Dave Burgering, the Director of Diving and Head Coach, brings with him over 35 years of coaching experience and a great coaching and diving resume. Dave was a member of the 1980 USA Olympic Diving Team and the 2008 USA Olympic Team Coaching Staff. Please feel free to contact Dave if you have any questions.

Our team has a rich history. The Fort Lauderdale Diving Team has won an unprecedented 23 United States National Team Championship Titles from 1991-1997. These Team Championships include Men’s Team, Women’s Team and Combined Men’s and Women’s Team. Listed below are Olympians and national champions while they were on the Ft. Lauderdale Diving Team:


Jevon Tarantino USA 2008
Dave Burgering USA 2008 Team Coach
Tim O’Brien USA 2000 Team Coach
Dr. Ron O’Brien USA 1968-1996 Team Advisor 2000
Scott Donie USA 1992 Silver, 10M Platform
Mary Ellen Clark USA 1992, 1996 2x Bronze, 10M Platform
Kent Ferguson USA 1992 Event: 3M Springboard
Karen LaFace USA 1992 Event: 3M Springboard
Jenny Keim USA 1996 Event: 3M Springboard
Michelle Davison USA 2000 Events: 3M Springboard; 3M synchro
Elbert Roon USA 1936 Silver, 10M platform, Casino Pool
Katherine Rawls USA 1932, 1936 Silver, 3M Springboard, Casino Pool


Kent Ferguson 1991 3M Springboard


Mark Lenzi 1991 Gold, 1M Springboard
Karen LaFace 1991 Gold, 3M Springboard
Kent Ferguson 1991 Gold, 3M Springboard
Patrick Jeffrey 1991 Bronze, 10M Platform
Patrick Jeffrey 1995 Bronze, 10M Platform


Michelle Rojohn 1997 Bronze, 1M Springboard

Student Testimonials

"I have personally known Dave Burgering for the last fifteen years and can't say enough good things about him as a world class diving coach, motivator, and mentor. Dave has played many roles in my life through the years--the obvious one is that of a great coach and mentor....but Dave is much more then that to me he is also a second father and one of the very first people to this day who I pick up the phone to call and share adversities and triumphs." BD

"My daughter has been diving with Dave Burgering since age 9. She is now a freshman athlete at the University of Alabama. Dave Burgering taught her the skills she needed to be successful on the college level. I have found him to have a vast knowledge of the sport as well as compassion for all of his athletes. He has brought much success to the Fort Lauderdale dive team as a sincere, dedicated coach who is always willing to go the extra mile for his athletes."

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