The Ft. Lauderdale Diving Team is a member of USA Diving, the national governing body for the United States Olympic Committee. The competitive team offers training year round and competes in competitions within the Florida Gold Coast Diving Association (Keys to Jupiter, FL), nationally and internationally depending upon level of expertise.

Future Champions

Future Champions is for beginning athletes that have the goal to compete.  Divers in this group work on basic voluntary dives in all directions (101, 201, 301, 401) and develop a few optional dives. Divers in this group are eligible to compete in our Home Meets and USA Diving Future Champion competitions.  This group meets 3 days per week or less for 2 hours each day.

Junior Team

The Junior Team is for athletes that have the goal to compete at the national level.  Athletes learn the skills and dives necessary to prepare for advanced competitions.  Divers in this level are expected to dive at regional and zone championships.  Training is 5 days per week or less for 2 1/2 hours each day.

Senior Team

This team is made up of individuals that have competed in the Junior National Championships and or Senior National Championships within the past 2 years. This group travels to competitions monthly. This team is for dedicated divers that are striving to reach as high as their goals will take them. College coaches look at this group of divers to offer college scholarships. This team trains 6 days per week or less,  2 1/2 or more hours per day, Monday to Saturday.

Masters Team

The Masters Team is a program for divers ages 19 and older who are not currently pursuing USA Diving sanctioned Senior National level competition. We accept athletes from beginner to advanced levels and gear their program to their ability. Our goal is to provide a fun, healthy, and supportive environment that will allow each individual to reach his or her fitness and competitive goals. Training is geared to each person’s needs whether they dive for fitness, local competition, or the master’s national championship. There are 3 to 6 local meets per year available in the South Florida area as well as a national and international level masters competitions each year. Train for up to 3 days per week for a low cost or up to 6 days per week for a slightly higher fee per month.

Student Testimonials

"I have personally known Dave Burgering for the last fifteen years and can't say enough good things about him as a world class diving coach, motivator, and mentor. Dave has played many roles in my life through the years--the obvious one is that of a great coach and mentor....but Dave is much more then that to me he is also a second father and one of the very first people to this day who I pick up the phone to call and share adversities and triumphs." BD

"My daughter has been diving with Dave Burgering since age 9. She is now a freshman athlete at the University of Alabama. Dave Burgering taught her the skills she needed to be successful on the college level. I have found him to have a vast knowledge of the sport as well as compassion for all of his athletes. He has brought much success to the Fort Lauderdale dive team as a sincere, dedicated coach who is always willing to go the extra mile for his athletes."

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